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Please Note: There is one current Councillor vacancy. If you are interested in joining the team and making a very real contribution to your Parish please contact the Clerk or any of the Councillors who will be pleased to help you.

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Parish Plan

Towards the end of 2006, the Parish Council requested the community consider producing a Parish Plan to inform the Council of the needs and desires of its constituents. A Public Meeting was held to elect volunteers from across the Parish to form a Working Party, and the document below is the result of their efforts.

Adobe Acrobat documentParish Plan

Parish Snow Warden Training

Please download the Snow Warden Training document below. This will equip you with the necessary knowledge to be able to officially help our Parish Snow Warden. Your support and assistance in times of inclement weather will be key to keeping our Parish Roads clear and vehicles movings.

Adobe Acrobat documentSnow Warden Training

Council Members

For general enquiries or to report to the council collectively, please email the Parish Council Clerk

The following are the present Parish Council members, together with the ward they represent and a brief profile.

William Savage - Chairman - Crockernwell

Bill joined the Parish Council in 2004 and has served the Parish Council as both Vice Chairman and Chairman. He is ward councillor for Crockernwell and is one of two councillors on the playing fields committee. Having completed 32 years in the Devon & Cornwall Police in May 2001, he retired and together with his wife Caroline, started a garden maintenance business. He has lived in the area since the early 1990s but policed the parish in 1971. Bill was instrumental in achieving the 30mph speed limit in Crockernwell and constantly seeking to achieve other road safety measures in the parish. A keen supporter of the countryside and country pursuits, he is anxious to preserve the historical aspects of the Council but also embrace modern methods and technology to enhance the future of the Parish and it's children. He has served on the Chagford Show Committee for many years and, together with his wife, is an active volunteer for Devon Air Ambulance. Hobbies include motorcycle sport of any description, walking his dog and gardening.

you can contact William on Bill.Savage@drewsteigntonparish.co.uk

Graham Hester - Vice Chairman - Whiddon Down

Graham has lived in the Whiddon Down ward since October 1997 moving from Surrey , Having family locally helped with relocating especially have at the time two small children who then went to Chagford Primary and onto Okehampton College . Having spent many years in the Plastics industry Graham is looking forward to retirement and is slowly downsizing the business . Leisure interests are pottering in the garden and Classic Motorcycles

you can contact Graham on graham.hester@drewsteigntonparish.co.uk

Peter Brennan - Crockernwell

To follow

you can contact Peter on To follow

Debi Brooks - Drewsteignton

She has lived in Drewsteignton with her husband Alan since 1997, sharing the house with their daughter Lauren and two dogs. Born in Hertfordshire, Debi moved to Berkshire at 18 to begin working for Guide Dogs. A break from Guide Dogs for three years working for the NHS and then DSS, then back to Guide Dogs when Alan was transferred to Kent, then back to Berkshire. Debi finally moved to Drewsteignton, where she hopes to be for a long time. Debi covers Devon and Cornwall as a Puppy Training Supervisor, responsible for training and managing volunteers and their Guide Dog puppies. Debi enjoys gardening and walking.

you can contact Debi on Debi.Brooks@drewsteigntonparish.co.uk

Anna Imrie - Whiddon Down

Anna has been happily settled in Drewsteignton Parish since 2004 and knew the area previously as an Exeter student in the 1970’s. After her MA, she worked in London as a picture editor and journalist and then joined her husband in a partnership as his still producer. Meanwhile, her sport was international rally driving and she went on to freelance widely as an advanced coach. Nowadays, she enjoys various local volunteering roles. She believes in informed discussion, balance, conciliation, and in taking a forward looking, positive attitude. Her special interests are road safety and small businesses of all descriptions.

you can contact Anna on anna.imrie@drewsteigntonparish.co.uk

Ysanne James - Crockernwell

Ysanne was born in Totnes and spent her childhood in and around Dartmoor, before moving to southern Ireland as a pre-teen. She moved back to Devon in her late teens and shortly after started her family. She continued her career and education around her family life and is currently working as an administrator for the probation service. An active campaigner for equal rights, Ysanne moved to Crockernwell three years ago to be nearer her daughters and grandchildren.

you can contact Ysanne on ysanne.james@drewsteigntonparish.co.uk

John Redman - Drewsteignton

John has lived in Drewsteignton parish for 40 years on a mixed beef and sheep farm. He also has a property maintenance business.

you can contact John on john.redman@drewsteigntonparish.co.uk

Paul Ridgers - Venton

Paul is married to Fiona and they have two young children. They have lived in the Parish for 10 years, although Fiona has family connections with the village that stretch back 100 years. Paul is a director of an advertising agency in Exeter as well as representing the Drewsteignton ward for West Devon Borough Council.

you can contact Paul on Paul.Ridgers@rhads.co.uk

Ian Rowe - Whiddon Down

Ian has lived at Mill Farm at Whiddon Down for the last 54 years and his children are the 6th generation on the farm. It is a working farm, in the past a mixed enterprise, nowadays the family only have sheep which fits in well with Ian's plumbing business. Having lived in Whiddon Down all of his life Ian hopes his local knowledge of the area and experience in agriculture may be useful.

you can contact Ian on ian.rowe@drewsteigntonparish.co.uk

Adobe Acrobat document Minutes 25th March 2019

Adobe Acrobat document Parish Post Apr 2019

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Regular Meeting Dates

Monday 20th May 2019
Meeting 20th May 2019 - Whiddon Down Village Hall

Monday 17th June 2019
Meeting 17th June 2019 - Drewsteignton Village Hall

Monday 15th July 2019
Meeting 15th July 2019 - Whiddon Down Village Hall

Monday 19th August 2019
Meeting 19th August 2019 - Drewsteignton Village Hall

Monday 16th September 2019
Meeting 16th September 2019 - Whiddon Down Village Hall

Monday 21st October 2019
Meeting 21st October 2019 - Drewsteignton Village Hall

Monday 18th November 2019
Meeting 18th November 2019 - Whiddon Down Village Hall

Monday 16th December 2019
Meeting 16th December 2019 - Drewsteignton Village Hall

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All regular meetings commence at 7.30pm, all other meetings will be called when required.

The Annual Parish Meeting is held between 1st March and 1st June. In 2019 the meeting will be on 25th March at Drewsteignton Church Rooms (village hall).

Councillors' Conduct and Interests - the Nolan principles

The seven Nolan principles apply to the conduct of people in public life.They are listed below.

  • Selflessness - you should act in the public interest.
  • Integrity - you should not put yourself under any obligations to others, allow them improperly to influence you or seek benefit for yourself, family, friends or close associates.
  • Objectivity - you should act impartially, fairly and on merit.
  • Accountability - you should be prepared to submit to public scrutiny necessary to ensure accountability.
  • Openness - you should be open and transparent in your actions and decisions unless there are clear and lawful reasons for non-disclosure.
  • Honesty - you should always be truthful.
  • Leadership - as a councillor, you should promote, support and exhibit high standards of conduct and be willing to challenge poor behaviour.